Conventional Unit Services

  For over 20 years, Knoxville Locomotive Works has been refurbishing and rebuilding conventional units. Our services include:



We offer 33, 92, 368, 736, 1104, 1472, and 1840 day FRA inspections on any type of locomotive--NRE Genset, Railpower, Leaf, EMD, Alco, Baldwin, GE, KLW, Non-computer controlled, Dash 2, Dash 3, Hybrids, and Hydraulic.

Electrical Repairs

We repair both minor and major electrical failures as traction motors, main generators, aux gens, component exchange, rewire, and low volt and high volt issues.

Engine In Progress.jpg

Mechanical Repairs

We can repair and maintain MTU, Cummins, Cat, and Detroit engines.

We can address minor or major mechanical failures including air compressors, prime movers, block repairs, turbos, wheels, blowers, oil pumps, and water pumps.

We offer equipment upgrade services such as air equipment, non-computer controlled to a Dash 2 or Dash 3, remote controlled installs, and a complete cab rework.

We are also skilled in repairing wreck damage (including sand blasting and painting).


In our shop, we can complete down-to-the-frame rebuilds. We have partnered with component manufactures and have parts and supplies readily available for any type of repair.

For more information, contact Dillon Steen at or by calling 865-803-9009.