KLW to bring 200 jobs to Knoxville

We are proud to finally announce KLW plans to bring 200 jobs to Knoxville over the next few years by investing $6.1 million into our current facility. 


Our expansion includes the purchase of eight acres of land, the purchase of two adjacent buildings, and significant upgrades to our current shop with the addition of new overhead cranes, additional track, additional offices, and more. Coming off successful tests on two Class-I railroads and a commercial chemical plant, KLW is poised to make a significant impact with our green locomotive product line.

If you are interested in working for KLW we will be accepting applications in January, 2014. You may apply at: resume.klw@gmail.com 

Check out the following news stories for more information on how KLW plans to expand to meet the demand for KLW locomotives!







KLW has been busy!

Hello website fans!  

We have not posted much in awhile because KLW and KLC has been very busy trying to grow our green locomotive business. Here are some of the things we have been up to since our last post: 

  • New KLW logo
  • New KLW website design
  • New KLW sales brochure
  • New KLW sales presentation
  • Two new KLW ads for Trains and Railway Age magazines
  • KLW participated in the annual RSI show in Indianapolis
  • 2250 tested on a Class-I railroad
  • 2250 tested at a chemical plant in the mid-south
  • Significant upgrades being made to KLW shop

We appreciate the support and look forward to sharing some special news about KLW in the near future! 



BNSF Looks at Natural Gas

Here is an interesting article about the BNSF thinking of switching from diesel to natural gas.


"I’ve been wrapping my arms around the announcement this week that BNSF Railway will test-fuel locomotives with liquefied natural gas (LNG), with a view toward starting large-scale conversions away from diesel fuel as soon as 2014. This is a game-changing development, and holds out the promise of altering railroad economics even more than the switch from steam to diesel locomotives seven decades ago."

Read more HERE.

What do you think about this news?