Low-Emitting, 2015 EPA Compliant, Single-Engine Locomotives

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On January 1st of 2015, the EPA's stringent Tier 4 regulations for line haul and switch locomotives became active. Unfortunately, for operations looking for less than 4,000 hp, there is not a single Tier 4 locomotive-certified option that exists, with no options on the horizon, leaving many operations wondering what choice they have when it comes to using a green locomotive. Luckily, KLW's line of repowered locomotive products meet 2015 EPA emissions regulations while cutting down on fuel consumption and increasing productivity.

Currently, KLW is the only manufacturer that offers single-engine green locomotives from 1,000 horsepower up to 3,200 horsepower. Although the majority of KLW repowers only have to meet Tier 0 regulations, the MTU engines used in our three models meet at least Tier 3 regulations without the use of aftertreatment. In fact, MTU engines are the cleanest aftertreatment free single-engine solution in their horsepower class for the railroad industry. As a result, KLW locomotives are excellent choices for reducing emissions at operations located in densely populated areas and also qualify for many government-funded emissions-reduction programs. 

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Low Emissions Without Aftreatment

Series 4000 emissions factors for the switch duty cycle.

Series 4000 emissions factors for the switch duty cycle.

In the switch duty cycle, the MTU Series 4000 engines are only 2.1% dirtier (cumulatively) than the Tier 4 limits.

In the switch duty cycle, the MTU Series 4000 engines are only 2.1% dirtier (cumulatively) than the Tier 4 limits.

The MTU engines used in KLW locomotives are some of the cleanest engines ever installed in a locomotive. For example, the Series 4000 engines we use in the KLW SE32C and SE24B are the only engines in the 3,000-4,000 hp and 2,000-3,000 hp range to meet Tier 3 line haul and Tier 3 switch regulations without aftreatment. This makes the KLW SE32C and SE24B the lowest emitting locomotives without aftertreatment in their horsepower class. 

In fact, the 12V and 16V Series 4000 engines are so clean that in the switch duty cycle they only miss meeting Tier 4 standards by 2.1% (when emissions are calculated cumulatively). In the line haul duty cycle, they miss Tier 4 cumulatively by 7.1%. This is the closest any certified engine below 4,000 hp and above 2,300 hp gets to Tier 4 locomotive standards without aftreatment. 

Lastly, the MTU engine used in our switcher models meet emissions standards for non-road certified engines (currently Tier 4i) without aftertreatment and are estimated to reduce emissions by up to 90%. Even better, the engines used in our switcher models consume up to 60% less fuel, lowering emissions for CO2 significantly.  


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