Repower Your Locomotives With KLW

When Knoxville Locomotive Works began the endeavor of designing and manufacturing its own line of green locomotives in 2007, it was evident that KLW could not follow the path that many had already traveled. KLW's goal from day one was to manufacture a simple, easy to install package, that provides superior benefits and economic value in comparison to other low-emissions locomotives. Fast forward to today and it is clear that KLW has achieved this goal with its varied product line and acceptance in the railroad industry. 

Here are just a few reasons why KLW is raising the bar for green locomotives: 

  • KLW design allows the use of almost any locomotive core from EMD or GE

  • Varying horsepower options to meet the needs of industrial, switching, and road-switching operations

  • Single-engine design is simple, reliable, and preferred over multi-engine alternatives

  • EPA & ULEL compliance with emissions reductions of up to 85%

  • Reductions of 10%-60% in fuel consumption

  • Reducing oil consumption by up to 75%

  • Increasing starting tractive effort up to 40%

  • Retention of time-proven components such as the AR10 alternator

  • Standard two year parts and labor warranty with a four year option available

Interested in Repowering with KLW?

If you are interested in repowering your locomotive(s) with KLW, please tell us a little bit about your operation so we can find the best solution for your company. 

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